Diamond Platnumz needs to stop being a mama’s boy

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been trying to convince us that he has a romantic relationship with Zuchu….but ubaya ni he doesnt understand weve also evolved after the pandemic period – and unlike back then when he would lie and pull stunts on her, this time around were woke….. And can see through his stunts.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz with his mum and step dad

So with that, all I am saying is that we Diamond Platnumz is single and has been on his own for a while now – and this is because most women he seems to approach tend to dislike his meddling mum who cant keep her nose off his private life.

I mean, Wema Sepetu complained aboit her and so did Zari Hassan, Official Lyyn, Hamisa Mobetto and so did Tanasha Donna…actually it was worse for both Hamisa and Tanasha who were forced to give back gifts they’d been given by Simba.

From what Tanasha Donna said is that her new Prado was given to Mama Diamond Platnumz after she ‘walked away’ and for Hamisa Mobetto….well her son got rejected from the Nyange family as mama Diamond Platnumz felt he was a ba$t*rd son to simba.

Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum
Hamisa with Diamond Platnumz sister and mum

Diamond Platnumz mum will make son a single for life

Although i know we all feel that Diamond Platnumz should keep his mum off his relationships – we also have to understand that the two share an unbreakable bond of single mum and her son.

I mean, all sons get attached to their mums especially after they’re abandoned by their dads….which explains Diamond Platnumz situation but again – he seems to have given his mum too much power that she gets a say in whoever he dates or wants to marry.

However – we can’t say mama Dangote is that bad towards all her sons girlfriends – I mean, she liked Tanasha Donna and now likes Zuchu….which mean chances are that she knows whats best for her son.

Again – we’ve also established that Diamond Platnumz always goes through his mum and so will all his women….meaning a mama’s boy will always be a mama’s boy.

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