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“Diamond Platnumz is my past, never again” Wema Sepetu responds after fan asked whether they hooked up after Sallam’s party

May 16, 2017 at 12:10
"Diamond Platnumz is my past, never again" Wema Sepetu responds after fan asked whether they hooked up after Sallam's party

Seems that most fans believe in the love that Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz shared a few years ago. Till date some believe that the two are meant for each other – however that is not the case as revealed Wema through a comment she made on one of her Instagram photos.

The former Miss Tanzania model was forced to respond to one of her fans who posted a comment asking Wema Sepetu whether she had run out of ideas on getting Naseeb back. The fan went on to suggest that the two might have hooked up on the same night they partied together at Sallam’s birthday party that went down this past weekend.

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Anyway, Wema Sepetu responded by making it clear that she was no longer interested in the guy especially now that he is a father of two. She went on to add that she wishes to leave her past where it belongs and instead of chasing someones man, she preferred getting herself a man who will have all the qualities she desires in her Mr Right. She wrote saying,

@Veronikakihonga Sasa baby alokwambia mi namtaka Diamond ni nani…?Life has to go on… Yule ni baba wa watoto wawili Jamani… Its about time u guys accept that me and Naseeb are no more. Mnachotakiwa ni kuniombua ni nipate mwanaume Bora na sio Bora mwanaume…Mwenye heshima zake tena ambaye hata haijulikani…Kajisemea dada angu @mangekimambi…mwenye hela miiingi

Do you think she will settle down anytime soon.


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