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Diamond Platnumz rejecting his son with Hamisa Mobetto will one day cost him

December 02, 2022 at 10:02
Diamond Platnumz rejecting his son with Hamisa Mobetto will one day cost him

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Singer Diamond Platnumz is good at what he does and as far as his music career goes – we can all agree that he remains the one super star from East Africa giving fellow artists a run for their money.

However despite all that success, Diamond Platnumz also happens to have a few failures in life that is – making babies and denying them during interviews. If you doubt this….let me remind you of the video he shared telling his son, Nillan and daughter, Tiffa that they were his only kids.

Well with such stunts, the fella has now exposed his kids to public scrunity and this is why two radio hosts recently decided to troll Hamisa’s son, Dylan; claiming he might not be the singers son and even had guts to drag in kenyan Singer Jaguar who they suspect might be the biological dad.

Hamisa defends son

From the posts shared online, its obvious to see that these said radio presenters went abit too far with the allegations hence forcing Hamisa to speak.

Hamisa back with Diamond Platnumz

Although she blames the grown men for discussing her son on radio – i honestly feel that she shoukd take it up with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz who is the reason why people attack his kids on social media.

I mean, looking at other celebrity dads online, they all (apart from future and Eric Omondi) protect their kids from the public scrunity; but in Diamond Platnumz case – he willing hands them to wolves without a care in the world.

Problem is – I feel like he forgets that these kids are growing and will one day find out about their dad denying them. But again….his funeral, right?

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