Diamond Platnumz risks of being bankrupted by his sexual irresponsibility

Image: Bongo Flava sensation, Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz aka father Abrahams is the focus of the day because Father’s Day was a few short days ago. And in truth, he needs those close to him to get this article in front of him.

You see, Diamond Platnumz is known to sire as many children as he can. Whether this is how he convinced himself he would create an everlasting legacy or if he is simply the result of a father who instilled this callous attitude towards fatherhood in him.

Diamond Platnumz

Whatever the case may be, Diamond Platnumz is sexually irresponsible. And it doesn’t help that the women in question, and many other women in the shithole region of East Africa, many women would gladly put themselves in that very situation.

Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

And so from Zari to Hamisa to Tanasha and reportedly Hamisa Mobettos’s best friend (who by the way is currently beefing with Zuchu over Diamond’s penis) and now as reports would have it, he has a new baby mama-to-be by the name of Poshy Queen.


And this is where the problem lies. You see, if Diamond does indeed have a new baby mama waiting in the wings as she estates yet another child for him, then, by all means, he is that much closer to bankruptcy should all his baby mamas decide to make a cash-grab and sue for upkeep.


You see, Diamond Platnumz is the ultimate ambition of many a man. He is young, talented, wealthy and has his pick of any woman who catches his fancy and more often than not, they don’t turn him down.

diamond platnumz abs

But nothing can make a man bankrupt faster than irresponsible sexual energy. And Diamond Platnumz has shown he has a penchant not to put on protection. How else do you explain the 5 confirmed children he has gotten by women not currently in his life?
We could argue that these women trapped him but in the same vein, we must acknowledge that he made himself an easy mark. He is responsible for his semen and should know to use protection.

Diamond Platnumz, if asked to pay upkeep for 4 children (the fifth is his first and eldest, a daughter whom he has never laid eyes on after her mother ran away) could find himself paying school fees at expensive international school in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya. And while he is currently minting money, like with every celebrity, his star will soon diminish. And when it does, his cheques will slow down.

Sure he has WCB Record label and he has Wasafi TV and Wasafi FM but from what we are made to understand, he doesn’t own a majority stake in the businesses. And as a result, he has limited say in how things are run. So when Diamond finally stops being Platnumz, his pocket will begin to hurt.

All we can do is pray that his management team begin to tell him he needs to start using protection so he doesn’t get any more children.


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