Diamond Platnumz stays winning after revealing his sexy new babe

Image: Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz isn’t making things easier for his exes and one just can’t help but to feel for them because honestly, how do you come to terms with the fact that your ex has moved on from one hot lady to another and just when you thought he wouldn’t be able to get one over on his most recent ex, Tanasha Donna who is truly beautiful, he goes and announces that he is dating an even hotter babe?!

Diamond Platnumz bags himself a ‘Tanasha Donna’ lookalike months after breakup (Photos)

If I were she, I would be utterly gutted. If I were Hamisa Monetto, I would be crashed. Hell, Zari even made peace with the fact that she will not be getting back with the African superstar but still, you can’t help but feel some kind of way about this new development.

You see, the height of success for a man is his ability to attract super hot babes. And before you call up your father for me, understand that babes do not go after men simply for their looks. I mean, they will try and sleep with Tyrone and Chad but they only do so for a quick shag. Men who look like Diamond Platnumz however, do not attract women because of their looks. They do so because of their success. I should give a caveat though that Diamond is a rarity, an outlier, he has mastered his LMS scale (looks, money, status).

Diamond Platnumz alleged girlfriend, Miss Patricia Aika,

So when Tanasha Donna said that Diamond would struggle to find a woman who loved him like she did, I chuckled. I knew she was speaking out of a place of hurt but she should have known better. Diamond is not the type of man to go wanting for female companionship. If anything, when he is single, it is probably out of a desire to get himself a flaming ten out of ten sexual marketplace value babe.

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Don’t get me wrong, the chances of this situation going out the same way all of Diamond’s old relationships did, with the fine babe hating the very thought and memory of him are high but until then, he will have fun being the envy of well over eighty million East African men. I just hope this fine babe has some brains in her coconut and she doesn’t get pregnant in three months of dating like Tanasha, hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz effortlessly flaunts his shiny jewels

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