Diamond Platnumz: The hardest working brand in East Africa

Image: Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is one of the most hardworking entertainment brands in Africa as a whole and he has reaped the rewards of his efforts for the better part of his career.

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You see, Diamond Platnumz doesn’t simply rely on his talent to carry him through his career. Diamond Platnumz actively cultivates multiples aspects of his brand inorder to ensure he maintains his competitive advantages.

Diamond platnumz with magufuli

And today we shall take a look at what he does to ensure his brand continues to dominate for as long as it can. And to do that we have to divide the different aspects that make him the brand he is. That includes his image, his talent, his business and his digital footprint.

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Diamond Platnumz image is carefully cultivated. He works out to the point where he is the type of man other men want to be and women want to be with. He has a fitness trainer who ensures he (along with the other members of his record label) stay in shape. Aside from boosting his image, this also gives him great health allowing him to maintain his crazy schedule.
When you think about it, this allows Diamond to have the allure of a sex symbol to women, he also is a dominant figure in the minds of men. Even his fashion sense is cultivated to ensure he is more memorable than your average artist. His finger is right on the pulse of what is trendy and Diamond Platnumz adapts quickly to changes in the culture.

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Then there is his talent. This is an ain’t quality but what separates Diamond Platnumz from say, Ali Kiba? Both are talented, both work out and it can be argued that Ali Kiba is more talented than Mondi but Diamond Platnumz understands how to work with producers to enhance his sound and make it much more versatile. As a result, Diamond has a more varied body of work that appeals to people from a wider audience.

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Diamond Platnumz takes his business side of entertainment so seriously, he actively seeks to only work with professionals. His management team is made up of professionals, who are solely focused on ensuring he gets his value, they seek out endorsement deals and he pursues as many avenues of generating income as his brand and music allows. As a result, Diamond Platnumz can boast having a radio and TV station.

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Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz

Another thing that Diamond Platnumz does on an entirely different scale than most when it comes to how he uses his social media. It is actually clear to see upon inspection that Diamond Platnumz doesn’t only use his IG account to post self-promoting material. There is a healthy mix of self-promoting, sponsored content and his fans. Yes, Diamond Platnumz also posts his fans dancing to his content.


When you factor in all these things, you begin to realize why Diamond Platnumz is huge. He is mindful about how he does his thing. And how can he not win after surrounding himself with a team of professionals who repeatedly show their calibre.


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