Diamond Platnumz will never get married as long as his mother lives

Diamond Platnumz has an issue that most men who are mummy’s boys can relate with -he might not be able to settle down with a woman while his mother still draws breath. And this is an issue that both parties are to blame for. Diamond Platnumz for never setting boundaries for his mother and family and Mama Dangote for not respecting her son’s independence and privacy.

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Simply put, any woman diamond Platnumz decides to settle down with must not only successfully woo him but also Mama Diamond who is infamously known to be a right, royal cunt when she decides she doesn’t like a woman. One could actually be forgiven for drawing Oedipal conclusions really.

Diamond Platnumz moving about

You see, Hamisa Mobetto was the one lass who so famously catalogued her maltreatment at the hands of Diamond Platnumz’ mother, Mama Dangote, Kendra Michaels, Sanura Michaels or whatever the hell she decides to go by on any given day. Hamisa Mobetto even famously put her ordeal in a song about dealing with them and the lack of protection from Diamond Platnumz who is too much of a coward to protect his unborn child from his mother’s savagery.

The same story reportedly played out with Tanasha Donna who was on top of the world while she and Sanura Michaels were on the same page. It was akin to having the sunshine on you but once Sanura had made up her mind that she didn’t want her son to marry a Kenyan, instead preferring a Tanzanian, Tanasha’s goose was cooked.

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Meanwhile, this also gives Diamond Playtnumz permission to be a deadbeat father -his mother doesn’t hold him up to any standard when it comes to how he relates with the children he has sired with women she doesn’t approve of. And with the way Diamond has been conducting himself, not using protection, this trend will continue resulting in more neglected children.

Diamond Platnumz
The argument can be made that even the women who attempt to trap Mondi with a child are just as culpable for the situation as he is but the fact still remains that the overarching spectre of Sanura limits the growth of their relationship. So no marriage is on the cards as long as she is alive.

Picture if you will, that diamond meets the next woman and he wants to marry her as he did with Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha (proof of the fact is that he sings about his intent). It isn’t too hard to imagine that his mother wouldn’t approve of that union too and diamond is stuck with more bastards than Ol’ Dirty.

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So what are his options?

Well, Diamond Platnumz could always grow a spine and learn to set boundaries for his mother to respect. But that doesn’t seem like it will happen. Diamond is about as spineless as a slug in a Java lettuce salad, happily munching away, oblivious of the fact some random fool is about to make it trend on Twitter.

Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha and Sanura

Which leave Diamond Platnumz with the only option he has the stomach to implementing: outliving his mother. And given his penchant for unprotected sex, this course of action isn’t entirely guaranteed.

Diamond Platnumz, Dylan his son and Sanura his mother

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