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Diamond will be jealous! Zari and Diamond’s mother goof around

April 03, 2018 at 12:02
Diamond will be jealous! Zari and Diamond's mother goof around

Last week Zari was in Dar es Salaam but she didn’t visit her baby daddy. Interestingly Zari is still tight with Diamond’s mother despite the tension with her son.

Zari made it clear that she separated with Diamond as partners but not as parents. She however traveled to Tanzania without her kids and didn’t even meet her baby daddy.

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Zari’s failure to meet Diamond demonstrate the friction between them. Days after her visit Diamond ended up flirting with Hamisa Mobetto in public.

No beef

Zari however has no beef with Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandra despite the discord between her and Diamond. Sanura and Zari stunned fans when they goofed around on social media.

Zari commented on a post by Diamond’s mother and they joked about Prince Nillan -Diamond’s son.



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