Diamond´s dad defends Queen Darleen for being a second wife [interview]

Image: Mzee Abdhul Juma comes to Queen Darleen´s defense

Queen Darleen´s dad, Mzee Abdhul has spoken in defense of his daughter who has been trolled for going into marriage as a second wife.

Speaking to Wasafi TV, the aging man stated that he is more than glad to have witnessed his daughter´s wedding, something he did not expect so soon.

However, he is disappointed that instead of wishing her well, audiences have instead thrown punches her way because she is now a second wife.


According to Mzee Juma, the world should congratulate Darleen for the step she has taken because in the event that she would stay unmarried till a certain age, the same people would start questioning.

Adding that the Islam religion allows men to marry even up to four women.

Therefore, he does not understand the bone of contention about his daughter being a second wife because as long as all parties involved have agreed, why not?

You know marriage is a very difficult thing. I am happy for her and people should be too. I never though she would be married because of her music but here she is. She is just fine. I am wondering why people are making noise about her being married as a second wife. In Islam, there is nothing like one wife. A man can have as many as four.


His sentiments come hardly a week after his daughter´s nuptials.

Queen Darleen wedded her billionaire businessman, Isihaka, in a private exotic Islamic wedding last week.



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