Diamond’s mom needs to see this! Zari wishes Hamisa Mobetto’s son a happy birthday, calls on her fans to stop attacking Dylan

Zari Hassan has demonstrated maturity of the highest order. Even though Hamisa Mobetto is her mortal enemy, Zari doesn’t want her fans to attack Dylan.

Dylan celebrated his first birthday on Wednesday 8th August, the kid’s own grandmother Sanura Sandra didn’t wish him a happy birthday but sure she was quick to send Princess Tiffah a birthday message.

Speaking during an interview on NBC television in Uganda, Zari surprised many when she wished Hamisa Mobetto’s son a happy birthday. She explains that the kid is innocent of any sin committed by his parents.

“Most of the comments that I see you are being tormented because you happened in that way, you didn’t want to happen, you just found yourself here so it wasn’t entirely your false. So happy birthday,” said Zari.

Reins in Team Zari

Zari also called on Team Zari to stop attacking Dylan, she explained that they are supposed to be working on things that relate to Zari and not hating on an innocent kid.

“And everybody out there calling themselves Team Zari I think you all need to stop. When you say you are team Zari you are supposed to be working on things that relate to Zari. You post my work, my children, my businesses, you promote my brand and you are not supposed to be bashing other people. The boy has nothing to do with what happened. So I would really ask everyone to put their differences aside and leave that child alone,” Zari said.







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