Diamond’s revelation that he is already in a new relationship is tragic

Image: Diamond Platnumz looking quite hot

Sigh! Diamond Platnumz has just revealed that he is already in a new relationship a few short months after he and Tanasha Donna, his fourth baby mama called it quits on their short-lived relationship.

The problem here isn’t the fact that he has moved on, the problem here is that he has already moved on. There was no time for introspection, there was no time for healing, he simply slid into yet another relationship.

diamond platnumz

And so the cycle will repeat itself. All we can hope for at this point is for the lady of his choosing is smarter than to get pregnant by him in under three months but given the way his previous three relationships played out, I highly doubt that this is true, Mondi seems to have a type.

Wema Sepetu needs to stop dredging up her past with Diamond Platnumz

You see, when we look at the last three relationships he had, Diamond Platnumz interacting with three women. In each of those entanglements (yes, I am going to milk the term dry) a child was conceived in under three months. how could they have known reach other long enough to start smashing raw leave alone be in the frame of mind to raise children.

diamond platnumz henched

In all his previous three entanglements, things went son far left after they called it quits, one cannot question Diamond without questioning his women but today our focus is on Diamond.

Rekindling old flame? Diamond Platnumz gifts Zari a brand new Bentley!

Mondi is still clearly obsessed with being a husband and father that you cannot help but think he either has a chip on his shoulder and something that he wants to prove to people around Africa about him.

diamond, his mummy and tanasha
Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

And he is still carrying around the wounds inflicted by his past relationships. He is still yet to deal with the biggest dark cloud looming over his relationships: maternal interference. And yet he has already jumped into yet another relationship.

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

And while this one might lead to the altar (or the Islamic equivalent), he is still going to see them rear their ugly heads and at some point in the future, he will have to address them. And he would rather do it now rather than when yet another child is in tow.


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