Diana Marua deletes husband, Bahati’s photos amid marriage troubles speculation

Image: Bahati and Diana Marua

Word making rounds on social media is that Diana Marya’s marriage to Bahati may be falling apart. What even confirm that tha rumors are true is Maria’s latest move of deleting all of Bahati’s photos from her Instagram, and edited her bio.

This follows similar actions from Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It’s ugly breakup that started with deleting photos; before finally confirming that their union was indeed over and done with.

The Bahatis

Well, as for the Bahati’s we cannot really tell what pushed Marua to deleting and unfollowing hubby on Instagram. However just like other couples, these two have had their ups and downs – including a cheating scandal back in 2019.

PA fired for exposing Bahati

Back in May 2019, Bahati’s PA Emma Diana went on to claim that there is a certain lady who never misses Bahatai’s concerts; and judging from her closeness with Baba – Emma was convinced that she was behind Marua’s marriage troubles.

Diana Marua edits bio from Mrs to Miss

“Tumekuwa tukienda event, naona ana flirt na mademu. Kwanza kuna huyu particular chick, kila event ako hapo, sijui anajuanga aje mahali concert za Baha hukuwa but mimi humuona hapo frontline kila siku. Hata kama nakwambia I still have fear juu ya job. There is no way huyu demu atakuwa nakuja kila concert Baha ako naakae hapo frontline aje,”

But since then the couple has been doing just fine. So could asking for baby number 3 be the reason why Diana Marua decided to up and leave after hubby said ‘No?’

Anyway with all the drama we have witnessed from this two; it wouldn’t be surprising to realize this too was scripted!

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