Diana Marua Explains Why She Gives Her Husband Bahati All Her Money

Image: Video of Bahati vigorously twerking on Diana Marua sparks controversy

Kenyan content creator and musician Diana Marua has opened up about how her husband, Bahati, has supported her ever since they met.

In a recent Q&A session with her house helps, Marua revealed that she had nothing for two years when she met Bahati, and that he would often encourage her to pursue her dreams.

“One day he told me, ‘I cannot facilitate the lifestyle that you had before, and if it is going to be difficult moving forward, this won’t work,'” Marua said. “He was so point blank. I cut my nails, I removed my polish, I went natural, and I think that was the test of time. I told God to test me with him so He can know I am patient and serious.'”

Marua said that for two years, she had no money and would wonder who she had decided to settle down with. However, when things started looking up for them, Bahati would show her how to thrive even when she was scared.

“Bahati has believed in me even when I did not believe in myself,” Marua said. “He is my everything. My beginning and my end. I owe my success to God because He used Bahati, or rather to Bahati because God used him. I have never had my money. Any business that Diana has done, when I get my money, I say, ‘Babe, what do we do with this money?’ Sometimes I tell him how much I have in my account, and he tells me what to do with it.”

Marua’s praise for Bahati is a reminder of the importance of having a supportive partner. It is also a reminder that it is possible to achieve your dreams, even if you start from scratch.

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