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Diana Marua Gives Update On Her Hacked YouTube Account

January 27, 2022 at 10:46
Diana Marua Gives Update On Her Hacked YouTube Account

‘Diana B on this’ was already starting to become a household name in the music industry after just 2 songs. The introduction of Bahati’s wife as a musician last year took everyone by surprise. Her decision to follow her hubby’s footsteps roped in several mixed reactions from netizens; and most of them strongly disagreed with her undertaking the new route.

Sweet Vengeance

Contrary to people’s expectations, Diana Marua was getting the numbers. And with her husband’s support in tow, she pushed on and on. Everyone was filled with curiosity to listen to her new music after she was unveiled as a new musician. This culminated to her YouTube channel growing immensely. From subscribers, to millions of views.

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Diana’s YouTube Hacked-Update

The climax was yet to be reached and the excitement was short-lived after Diana’s account being hacked. She lamented yesterday stating how unfair it was for the hacker to delete his account. She has now stated that the hacker changed the account’s name.

”Some Good News! My YouTube channel is almost Back 😭😭😭. Unfortunately the Hacker had Deleted Several Videos and Changed the Name to ARK INVEST which used My Channel to post Content that Violates YouTube Guidelines and immediately I was Flagged off as a User…We are in the process of getting the Channel back to my official Brand Name DIANA BAHATI…”

Some have reason to believe this is all a hoax and a kiki stunt for her upcoming song. It’s only a matter of time before we see it in black & white.


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