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Diana Marua In Tears As Bahati Surprises Her With Pre-Valentines Gift (Video)

February 11, 2022 at 09:20
Diana Marua In Tears As Bahati Surprises Her With Pre-Valentines Gift (Video)

The Bahati’s are never tardy when it comes to flaunting their exorbitant gifts to each other during the month of love. They’re not your ordinary kind of lovers and are always top notch when it comes to delivering couple goals. Yesterday, November 10, award winning musician Bahati wooed his gorgeous wife Diana Marua  and left her in tears of joy after his deluxe pre-valentines gift.

Bahati’s Gift

We have to admit that it’s everyone’s dream to own a piece of land; especially during this tough time. And Bahati has made his exquisite wife Diana the latest land owner. Emotions ran high as Bahati handed over Diana two title deeds to the pieces of land.

”The titles are here, they’re ready. I know you’ve always been wanting to build your dream house. It’s a very huge two pieces of land and I think any dream house inaeza toshea apa. I know you did not expect tukue tumemaliza kulipa…”

Apart from being musicians, the two sweethearts are also famously known for giving couples a run for their money when it comes to couple goals. As we approach Valentines day, they’re usually on the frontline to gift each other.

Last year, Diana surprised her husband with a brand new Mercedes Benz. There are definitely more gifts coming on Valentines.

Watch the full video below of Bahati’s first gift below;


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