Diana Marua Reveals She Earns More Than Bahati

Image: Diana Marua notices something odd after Bahati takes her to see his relatives ahead of their wedding

Diana Marua has recently shared more details about her marriage to Kenyan musician Bahati in a YouTube video interview with her nannies.

Marua expressed her gratitude to God for bringing Bahati into her life, saying that he has transformed her in many ways. She also spoke about submitting to her husband, even when she is making more money than him.

“Even right now I can say I am making slightly more than him,” she said. “It fluctuates, yes, but there is a time when his music is doing well and he has shows here and there and makes a decent amount. When things are not okay on his side and I am making more, I still humble myself before my husband regardless of the amount of money in our respective bank accounts.”

Marua also revealed that she had dated rich men prior to meeting Bahati, but most of them wanted her to be a “trophy wife.”

Marua and Bahati are set to wed in December, and they are both very happy in their marriage.

Marua’s story is an inspiration to many women, showing that it is possible to have a successful marriage even if the couple is not financially equal. It is also a reminder that submission to one’s husband is not about money, but about respecting and honoring him.

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