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Diana Marua Shares Heart-Wrenching Details On Daughter’s Illness That Got Her Hospitalized

May 26, 2022 at 12:56
Diana Marua Shares Heart-Wrenching Details On Daughter's Illness That Got Her Hospitalized

Content creator and musician Diana Marua’s daughter Heaven Bahati was rushed to hospital on Tuesday 24 from school after developing a serious illness that gave her mum heebie jeebies. Diana Marua shared details on her daughter’s worst night when her fever went high.

Taking to her Instagram, the singer was in sombre mood explaining the ordeal that almost cost her daughter’s life.

I thought my day was going normal
Yesterday until I received a call from
@HeavenBahati school principal to pick her
up from school for medical attention
because her fevers were high. Rushed her
to hospital, she seemed to get better
during the day… we went back home only
for her to get worst at night. We then
HEALTHCARE and what I thought was a
mild infection turned out to be a high blood
infection that could cause undesirable
results if I ignored for another hour.”

Diana Bahati Cries | How Baby Heaven Got admitted at the Gertrude's Hospital - YouTube

She continued to praise doctors for their prompt response to their daughter’s illness; and confirmed that she’s now in stable condition;

”I have never seen the Doctor and nurses
run up and down like yesterday just to
stabilise her as fast as possible… I didn’t
know she was that bad 😩

Big lesson learnt yesterday. I’ll be sharing
more. I’m happy she’s better today….
need to close my eyes Kidogo. We are in
good hands. Thank you @komarockmodern
for your prompt response.”

On the flipside, her hubby Bahati, who is a Mathare MP hopeful, had to postpone his campaigns in order to take care of baby Heaven.

”Took a Break from my Mathare MP Campaigns to take Care of My Daughter @HeavenBahati Who got admitted Yesterday Night at @KomarockModern Hospital…




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