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Diana Marua’s Cryptic Instagram Message Leaves Netizens Uneasy (Screenshot)

September 15, 2022 at 10:21
Diana Marua's Cryptic Instagram Message Leaves Netizens Uneasy (Screenshot)

Heavily pregnant YouTuber and musician Diana Marua has left netizens in the lurch after her most recent Instagram post. The mother of two is currently on the verge of giving birth to a third born in tandem with her hubby Bahati.

Diana Marua was recently surprised by her close friends and family with a baby shower. The event was meticulously arranged and executed even though not everyone bought the idea that Diana didn’t know about it.

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Diana Marua’s Message

All we know is Diana is currently expectant, and it hasn’t been a walk in the park for her considering her previous pregnancies.

Diana revealed that’s she has struggles as she nears delivery during her pregnancies noting that she most of the time has to spend her time indoors to avoid straining.

“I normally have issues when I get closer to delivery it gets to a point, I can’t walk even when I in the bed my husband has to turn me. But so far I am okay I don’t walk much because I have a condition called pubic symphysis where pressure mounts on my pelvic bones and I can’t walk so I even create content while seated,”Diana said.

This might be a probable reason for her cryptic message, which insinuated that she’s having a tough time. Below is what she shared and disabled the comments on the post;


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