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Did Khaligraph Jones sell out or is this smart political play?

April 26, 2021 at 13:27
Did Khaligraph Jones sell out or is this smart political play?

Khaligraph Jones recently cried out to both William Ruto and Raila Odinga for help with the ramifications of the poorly thought out Covid19 lockdown measures that were instituted by Uhuru Kenyatta who doesn’t seem to give a damn about the economy or the suffering these measures have unleashed on Kenyans.

Khaligraph Jones has shown a keen understanding of how politics should be handled

You see, these lockdown measures are bullshit because they fail to take into account the fact that Kenya has no social welfare programs that take care of the underprivileged and affected Kenyans who are struggling to pay rent or earn a living.

khaligraph jones

Khaligraph Jones cried out to the most powerful politicians for help

And entertainers are some of the most affected as their source of livelihood was inordinately targeted and Khaligraph Jones was unhappy that he has been exposed to ruinous circumstances because his main source of income is affected.

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When he called out for help, Raila Odinga ignored him but Ruto decided to try and meet up with him and his fellow artists so that they can discuss how best to help the affected artists, DJs, comedians and other entertainers.

Khaligraph has been called out by afew artists for selling out

But now Khaligraph Jones is faced with some measure of blowback from other artists who feel that he has sold out by turning to one of the people who a lot of Kenyans rightfully feel is responsible for putting us in this garbage situation.

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King Kaka and Octopizzo are the most vocal in declaring their disagreement with Khaligraph Jones’ approach and I am not too sure why they are pontificating and bellyaching instead of looking for a solution.

King Kaka

Kenyan rapper King Kaka mocked Khaligraph Jones

You see, Khaligraph Jones is an artist but he is also a father and husband. An entire family depends on him to provide for them. And as such, he has to do anything he can to improve his situation so he can get back to earning as much as he possibly can.

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When it comes to fixing situations, we have to understand that while some might not agree with his approach, they cannot do anything but shut up until they find some course of action that they implement. Activity trounces opinions and suggestions.


Octopizzo decided to also call out his long-standing nemesis

If Khaligraph Jones is to be condemned for trying to alleviate his personal suffering, it will not be from artists who have done absolutely nothing to solve their own headaches. We cannot foster a culture in which grown men would rather complain and whine than be proactive and take action.

If Octopizzo and King Kaka want to show Khaligraph Jones up, it will only be through action. Them sharing their feelings on social media will not be doing anything because we are in a put up or shut up situation. But time will tell whether or not

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