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Did y’all notice DJ Creme and wife reunited after he started making money again?!

January 07, 2022 at 11:54
Did y'all notice DJ Creme and wife reunited after he started making money again?!

DJ Creme and his wife, Denise King’ang’i, have had a storied relationship. They have been through more ups and downs than your average couple and that’s what made their love-story such a beautiful one. They started dating back in the day before he had made a name for himself and managed to stay committed to each other even after he got caught up in a scandal that involved a certain video recording of a less than industrious and energetic moment of passion with a woman other than his wife.

DJ Creme Dela Creme back with his wife after nasty online breakup (Photos)

I remember having a conversation years after with one of my mentors back when I was trying to get into blogging. I had called him up for a drink that we had at some clubhouse where I had bought some whiskey in exchange for his time (because as my father often tells me, mkono mtupu haulambwi). And the topic of the Dj and his wife and paramour came up. My guy was sure that though it went against conventional wisdom and was downright counterintuitive, his wife was not going to leave him. Infact, she was double down on her efforts to fight for her man and keep him.

As I said earlier, at the time this was an outrageous thought for me to fathom. However, true to form, that is precisely how their story played out. DJ Creme begged his wife not to leave him and she busied herself with ensuring she was the consummate wife and partner. They actually even started a family after that. Needless to say, I was shocked. If ever there was a time for her to leave her man and not only be supported for doing so but actually be celebrated it would have been then. After all, she had caught him red-handed.

DJ Creme De La Creme reunited with his kids months after wife walked out on him (Photos)

Instead, the couple moved forward and focused on their young family. And the disc jockey’s career grew from strength to strength. He became one of the must-have DJs at any concert or event because of just how much he connected with his fans and how rapidly his fanbase grew.

But, as with everything associated with 2020, the beer bug came and put an end to the fun times. When President Uhuru Kenyatta instituted a lockdown, the entertainment economy was completely shot to hell. The resources dried up and we were treated to a not-so-mysterious post from DJ Creme that declared marriage to be a scam. For the uninitiated, this was quite the body blow. How could a couple that seemed so solid get rocked to the very foundation of their familial bond?

DJ Creme Facing Parental Alienation Is Very Troubling

Well, given his history, we couldn’t very well rule out cheating. However, the timing of it all… A decline in income hence deeply dwindling resources -and right after he had relocated his family to Nakuru from Nairobi? I am a simple man who likes simple solutions and besides, Occam’s Razor! Most divorces and separations are instigated by women. The divorce rate recorded in the Western world stands at 70% and the number one reason most couples part company is financial. That equation makes for quick math.

Creme with his wife and daughter

DJ Creme and his wife had withstood an egregious betrayal of trust when in the 2010s his lacklustre and uninspiring sex tape was leaked online. But 2020, like for so many other couples, rang the death toll for their love. The man wasn’t even allowed to meet his children leave alone be a part of their lives. And this hurt him enough for him to run to social media to cry about the state of his life. Hold on, hear me out even further.

Lessons from DJ Creme’s marriage

I was shocked when in December, the internets rang with news of his reunion with his wife. She was back to featuring on his social media as was he on hers. Interestingly, this was after Uhuru had lifted the lockdown and he had begun to rebuild himself. The gigs were finally streaming in once again and he was back on top of the entertainment world. For most of 2021, he hankered down and split his time online between crying about missing his children and posting effusively about how much they meant to him and advertising his gigs. It was clear for all to see that he was back to earning a pretty shilling.

Daddy’s pride: DJ Creme with his kids

As I said earlier, I am a simple man. Perhaps this was a coincidence. Or maybe, Denise had made her way back to his life and resumed her role as his lucky charm. All I know is that he was back to winning and his wife finally agreed to let him meet his children. He thanked her. Then things progressed to the point they were spotted in the same car. And now it is reported that they’ve reconciled.

DJ Creme De La Creme allegedly dumped by wife for being broke

I’m not saying anything about the good man and his wife except that they got the timing right.

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