Disrespectful child? Pritty Vishy takes a swipe at her dad, refers to him as a N*gga

Image: Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

Pritty Vishy has confessed that the woman she earlier introduced as her mum is actually not. Turns out her biological mum looks like her twin and apparently has been working in Saudi Arabia. Not sure why but zile vipindi ziko online ni mingi kishinda Telemundo.

Pritty Vishy biological mum

This is my mum mwache kujump into conclusion…The lady nilipost nikiwa na yy is not my mum ????it was only a pic my real mum ni huyu and she’s is saudi please

Anyway apart from unveiling her real mum’s photo, Pritty Vishy has also shared a few details of her dad….and all we know is that he is a dead beat.

The upcoming social media influencer popularly known for her involvement with Stivo Simple boy threw shade at her old man on Fathers Day while celebrating her mum. She wrote;

Meet Pritty Vishy’s mum

Happy fathers day to my mummy ????????
And to all men I won’t win my dad that nigga is a deadbit I said what I said

Pritty Vishy needs a PR team

At this rate I can say it’s about time the young lady got herself a PR team to help check on her posts cause….damn she’s spilling too much unnecessary information which she might regret in future.

But then again – there’s no good or bad publicity when it comes down to these celebs….anything goes as long as it’s controversial.

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