Divorcee Anerlisa Muigai doesn’t want a man who is on social media

Image: Life is for the living: Anerlisa flaunting ‘borrowed’ Bentley

Anerlisa Muigai seems to have decided for some reason as yet unknown to us that she is a bonafide relationship guru. This is in spite of the fact that she has constantly found love and it has always been fleeting… Just like her marriage.

Anerlisa Muigai shares her rate card

No really, she was married to East African superstar Ben Pol and even that didn’t last long.

Anerlisa with ex boyfriend, Stephen

Yet for some reason, Anerlisa Muigai seems to think she has the blueprint of where to find a good high-value man.

Substance abuse or age catching up? Anerlisa Muigai leaves fans confused with new eyebrow raising photos

She recently took to social media to win since one of the criteria for finding a good man is ensuring he is not active on social media. And this follows her recently declaring bet she wouldn’t date any broke man again.

Anerlisa’s loyal ex boyfriend who loved her despite the weight

Anerlisa is right to feel confused about love because on paper she has what it takes to find a good man: She’s beautiful, self-driven and independent and is a mogul. Any man would be lucky to snap her up.

Anerlisa Muigai’s expose on ex boyfriend confirms men are the new Gold Diggers

Why then does she struggle to find love and when she does get it it is usually either with men she later learns are either bums or we’ve been well with her for clout?

Anerlisa Muigai with bae earlier today

Maybe, just maybe, the reason she has been in so many high-profile relationships that have failed is down to her personality and the way she wets the men she dates. Also, add tpo this the unfortunate truth that the type of men Anerlisa Muigai is looking for wouldn’t check for her. They have their pick of the litter of women so why would they waste their time with an opinionated heiress (legacy company) when they can have submissive, young, fertile women to start families with?

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