DJ Bonez Opens Up About Kamene Goro’s Smoking Habit

Image: Kamene Goro

DJ Bonez has shared that he dislikes the fact that his wife, media personality Kamene Goro, smokes cigarettes.

In a recent podcast with Oga Obinna, DJ Bonez said that he has been fighting the urge to ask his wife to quit smoking. He said that he finds it unattractive and unhealthy, but he respects her decision to smoke.

Kamene Goro defended her smoking habit, saying that she smokes in a responsible manner and that she does not smoke around people who do not like it. She also said that everyone has bad habits, and that her smoking is not a big deal.

DJ Bonez said that he understands where Kamene is coming from, but he still wishes that she would quit smoking. He said that he is worried about her health, and that he does not want her to get sick.

The couple’s discussion about Kamene’s smoking habit has sparked a debate online. Some people have said that DJ Bonez is being controlling, while others have said that he is right to be concerned about his wife’s health.

Ultimately, it is up to Kamene Goro to decide whether or not she wants to quit smoking. However, DJ Bonez’s concerns about her health are valid, and he should continue to talk to her about his feelings.

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