DJ Creme De La Creme allegedly dumped by wife for being broke

Image: DJ Creme and his wife

Popular DJ Creme De La Creme recently left many talking after hinting that his marriage to Denise; the mother of his two kids was not doing as well as many thought.

Actually, his exact words were;

Marriage is a scam. Don’t let nobody lie to you!

Of course from the handwriting one can tell that this was posted with a lot of emotions; (bitterness) but what we didn’t know is why their marriage woes were now surfacing on social media after 14 years of living as man and wife.

Creme with alleged ex wife

For a minute, I assumed that boredom was the reason they parted ways; I mean  – can you imagine living with a person for 14 years and no breaks…? wuuuh must be suffocating; but unfortunately turns out that I was wrong.

New details

Well, thanks to a post shared by one Maverick Aoko who I believe must know DJ Creme and Denise; she claims that the DJ’s current broke situation is the reason why the wife left.

As on a tweet she shared, Maverick referred to Denise as a Nairobi fear weather wife; LoL implying that she was only there for the money. She wrote;

Dj Creme Dela Creme

DJ Creme de la Creme’s wife has ostensibly taken the kids and left him after the DJ relocated to Kericho following Covid necessitated financial adjustments. Creme analia huko Insta. Daddy Owen suffered same fate. Nairobi fair weather wives. Sota ujue ulikuwa na bibi ama mwewe.

Clearly these are shots fired and hopefully Creme will soon open up about his marital woes. Maybe.

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