DJ Crème opens up about his 2016 deportation ordeal in US following Miguna’s predicament

DJ Crème De La Crème refuses to joke about Miguna Miguna’s ordeal because he also went through a similar situation in America.

For starters, Miguna Miguna was illegally detailed at JKIA before he was assaulted, drugged and bundled into a Dubai-bound plane.

Creme also went through such an experience in America in May 2016. He flew to US on a tourist visa and someone set him up that he was in US to work.

American authorities arrested Creme, detained him at the airport and deported him to Dubai. He was also blacklisted from traveling to US.

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It’s a shit experience

Creme cautioned his co-host Dr. Ofweneke to stop joking about Miguna Miguna’s ordeal saying that deportation is an experience no one should go through.

Dr. Ofweneke came into the show dressed in a hat just like Miguna’s. He said the NRM general never loses his cap even when he is being being tossed around and forced into a plane.

“Bro stop laughing, he is going through a lot and i can relate to his struggles because i was once deported from the states and that shit is not funny,” DJ Creme warned Ofweneke.

Dr Ofweneke and DJ Creme



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