DJ Fatxo Denies Connection to Powerful Female Politician, Allegations of Financial Backer

Mugiithi artiste DJ Fatxo has denied any connection to a powerful female politician amid ongoing rumors and allegations surrounding the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

The popular musician opened up about the impact these allegations have had on his career.

“I have been canceled for so many shows outside the country after this whole saga,” he said. “I also need time to strategize.”

Despite his fame, the artiste admitted that his music has suffered immensely and he hasn’t received any income for the past three months.

However, he remains optimistic and determined to come back stronger than ever.

“The same God that gave me the favor will give it back,” said DJ Fatxo. “We will come back stronger.”

Speaking about the allegations, DJ Fatxo refuted claims that he is receiving financial backing from a mysterious tycoon.

“Why are they writing false things about me?” he asked. “I have no money right now. But God has been my provider.”

The artiste also debunked rumors of his alleged relationship with a prominent female politician.

“We do not have a close relationship,” he clarified. “And she has not bought me any vehicles.”

DJ Fatxo went on to mention that he still owes money to Car Soko, highlighting his financial struggles despite his superstar status.

“I am not as rich as people think I am,” he said. “I am just a hard-working musician trying to make a living.”

DJ Fatxo’s denials come as the police continue to investigate the murder of Jeff Mwathi. No arrests have been made in the case.

The allegations against DJ Fatxo have cast a shadow over his career, but he remains determined to clear his name and rebuild his reputation.

“I am innocent,” he said. “And I will prove it.”

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