DJ Mo and Ringtone Get in Heated Confrontation During Size 8 Event

Image: DJ Mo and Ringtone exchange blows at Panari Hotel

Word making rounds on social media is that Ringtone and DJ Mo almost exchanged blows during Size 8’s album launch. From the stories circulating on social media is that Ringtone may have sparked the ‘right’ with his running mouth.

According to reports, Ringtone was heard bad mouthing Size 8 while speaking to journalists at the album launch; and from what he said is that artistes should be given more respect compared to that given to preachers… only because the only people allowed at the event were preachers.

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Ringtone and DJ MoOf course DJ Mo couldn’t have him speaking in that manner at the event – especially since he was just a guest and a disrespectful one for that matter.

DJ Mo to the rescue

Well, being the good husband he has lately become – DJ Mo interrupted the interview but judging from his approach, this almost become a real physical fight.

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Size 8 and Ringtone

From the viral videos making rounds on social media, looks like Ringtone was also ready to exchange blows while you can hear DJ Mo asking bouncers to remove Ringtone from the premises before he (DJ Mo) does something he will regret.

Not sure why they both felt getting physical would help solve their issues faster, but at least now you know even men of God also chose vayolence at times.

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