DJ Mo and Size 8 haven’t really solved their marital issues

Image: DJ Mo and Size 8 mark 7th wedding anniversary

DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage was rocked by infidelity rumours that were confirmed when his paramour decided to out him and share screenshots she had taken of their Whatsapp call that also featured a cameo from his exposed member that she hoped to impress her with. I know, that was some low IQ behaviour.

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Anyway, DJ Mo and Size 8 seem to have decided to fix their relationship but from the outside looking in, it would seem to me that their relationship is not really being worked on. Instead, they have simply indulged their “hysteric bonding” by going on vacation and sharing photos of themselves looking all loved up. And that is very telling. After a marriage or relationship is rocked by such major issues, then what people need to do is to buckle down and handle the reality these issues are forcing the partners to confront.

DJ Mo and Size 8
Size 8 and DJ Mo beautifully mark 7th wedding anniversary

That means that Size 8 and DJ mo needed to go for counselling, they needed to go for therapy and they needed to keep these two things separate from their church and firmly in the hands of professionals. Instead, what they have done is to go out for a major, extended holiday in which they have been discussing nonsense like perhaps getting additional children. And that really is the smoking gun.

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Often, when couples are faced with an existential threat, they try to go for hysteric bonding tactics such as getting a baby to try and salvage the situation. They even go as far as buying property together and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys make such a decision. And that is a huge problem.

DJ Mo and Size 8
Couple: Size 8 and DJ Mo

You see, the underlying issues, in this case DJ Mo’s lack of description, is still alive and kicking. They still have to deal with the issues that caused him to stray in such a low IQ manner but also, Size 8 needs to address the issues that make her less attractive to her man such as her weight gain.

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They have not been honest in the manner in which they are addressing issues. So what happens now? Well, they will enjoy their holiday and then come back home to find the same situation and the same demons awaiting them. They will come back to find that perhaps, the cast will have been changed but the script will be the same. Same old bullshit, just a different day.

DJ Mo's wife and his side chic
DJ Mo’s wife Size 8 and his side chic

And I get it, they are a celebrity couple who are aware that they are more valuable together than they are apart but at the end of the day, DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 need to understand that the real hard work to save their marriage will not be sexy and there won’t be any photo-ops for them to enjoy. It will involve asking and answering some rather uncomfortable questions. Maybe it is because of this knowledge that my mentors do not advocate for marriages or perhaps they are just flawed but at the end of the day, their sentiments echoed here are rather apt don’t you think?

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