DJ Mo discusses his marital difficulties following the deaths of two children

Image: DJ Mo playing with wife

DJ Mo, the well-known gospel mix master and husband to gospel artist Size 8, has opened up about the challenges they faced in their marriage following the heartbreaking loss of two children.

In 2018, the couple’s journey took a somber turn when Size 8 experienced a complicated pregnancy, ultimately leading to the loss of their unborn baby.

Reflecting on this difficult period during their reality show on TV 47, DJ Mo shared the toll it took on their relationship, admitting that they reached the brink of separation amid misunderstandings and blame.

“We have two children, but we’ve also lost two children. These two losses hit me very hard. We disagreed with my wife, and it was bad. Blaming each other about the loss, I realised that if you’re not strong, you might end up separating,” revealed DJ Mo.

Despite the turmoil, DJ Mo explained how they navigated through their marital challenges, stressing the importance of open communication and mutual support.

“We decided to put things on the table and stopped blaming each other. She has always had high blood pressure, and even having our two children is by the Grace of God. We have mentors who help us in those scenarios. We have always known how to solve our issues, and every day is a learning session,” he added.

DJ Krowbar, joined by his wife Wanjiru, also contributed to the discussion, sharing their approach to handling marital challenges and highlighting the role of therapy in fostering healing and understanding.

“Therapies have helped us to go through the physical healing and the inside healing. Like right now, taking care of my sick wife, my life is scheduled in a way that two days are for my wife,” revealed DJ Krowbar.

Size 8 has previously talked about how severe preeclampsia has prevented her from becoming a mother for the third time. Severe preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder characterized by high blood pressure.

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