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DJ Mo is right to defend his wife from Willy Paul

July 02, 2021 at 08:27
DJ Mo is right to defend his wife from Willy Paul

DJ Mo has decided to step into the drama Willy Paul is bringing to his wife Size 8 and I am all here to see him react in this way. Why? Because a man must protect his wife and homestead and the way Pozze brought up the issues he had was wrong.

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Just incase you missed it , allow me to recap what happened. Willy Paul found out he is still blocked by Size 8 on every platform and for whatever reason, he felt some type of way because they were apparently once close. So he decided to call her out and he did so in his signature abrasive way.


DJ Mo has sprung to his wife’s defence

And Size 8 decided to ignore the bullshit but her husband, DJ Mo, was having none of it and he shared a very simple but succinct message to Pozze, borrowing from a currently popular phrase in Kenyan lexicon saying, “Nitakufinya”.

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DJ Mo is doing what he is expected to do: he is protecting his woman from someone who is known to escalate situations from simple and calm to high-stress situations. While Willy Paul might have reasons for feeling something about the way he was discarded, he broached the topic poorly.


Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary

If he has been blocked, then he could get his manager to reach out to Size 8  to try and reconcile. Instead, he blasted her on social media and called her out for not behaving like a proper Christian… Let that sink in -and what’s crazy is that he is actually right about that.

Why Size 8 cannot stop gushing over hubby, DJ Mo

But DJ Mo, a man who has previously covered her in shame -when he was caught cheating on her with some below-average looking lady decided to engage him and make it clear Mkunaji’s antics are not going tolerated.

Willy Paul looking dapper

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