DJ Shinski ready to ‘Bounce’ with Arrow Bwoy

DJ Shinski is back with a big tune dubbed Bounce. In the Bounce song, he has featured Kenya’s best talent Arrow Bwoy. The song is all lit from the beats and they are the first thing that you will notice.

It is a very simple song that has brought great minds and talents together. To two minutes song is introduced by Arrow Bwoy and his does his thing as usual.

DJ Shinski in this song is talking about having fan with a girl. He talks of letting the big body bounce meaning he is not competing with anyone.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

This Bounce song is all about love promises

There are promises made in the song by DJ Shinski. Also, they talk of taking the girl for shopping and thus asking others to leave.

Bounce can be used to mean a lot of things. Also, the song is directed by True Juelz and this is just a perfect one. The shots in the video are just amazing and meet the international threshold.

There is that line DJ Shinski says acha kanuke. Imagine such kind of promises in the real life. In Bounce, they ask the DJ to keep playing the song.

DJ Shinski ready to 'Bounce' with Arrow Bwoy

Arrow Bwoy on his side blends in very well with DJ shinski bringing the much-anticipated vibe in Bounce.  To add on, you’ll realise that he is talking about melanin girl. This is simply a dark girl that has that African golden colour.

Also, Arrow Bwoy teams up with Shinski weeks after he released his single Happy Birthday. The song though it is yet to hit 1K views it is a fine jam and we should appreciate talents.

In addition, Bounce is very much original and the style and language used are easy to adapt. It has the best set and costume. Congratulations to the duo.

In conclusion, DJ Shinski and Arrow Bwoy on Bounce get a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

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