DJ Shiti seeks ‘God’s guidance’ after ugly drama involving ex wife

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Comedian Shiti has clearly been having issues with his baby mama, a lady he says is his wife come rain or sunshine. Okay, maybe not now that she’s already aired their family’s dirt on social media.

DJ Shiti

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Although we all agree that this was a result of anger and disappointment – Fash Hussein outdid herself by sharing Mpesa statement to show how much Shiti sends for their daughter’s upkeep. Ksh 150. Shocked huh?

Anyway with the ongoing drama, Shiti now says says he has no choice but to leave it all to God. Actually he started his post by narrating his painful past, how he hustled his way to the top – moving from one city to another – to sleeping on street sidewalks and still never gave up.

Comedian DJ Shiti

Good things are not meant for particular people but anyone who is determined. There were times I had no place to sleep, I could spend the night in the cold streets, travel to different places hoping to find a better life. Bura, Mombasa, Webuye, Kisumu etc but no one wanted to associate with a poor person!!

This too shall pass

Despite all these hardships, the comedian says he pressed harder to get to where he is today; and although he is yet to achieve his heart’s desires – he proud of the person he has since become.

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Am not yet where I wanna be but at least am no longer a burden to anyone like I used to.

To anyone going through the same challenges, especially those with stubborn exes Shiti had this to say;

So whatever you are going through out there know that Almighty God is in control.


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