DJ Shiti With New Song Addressing Baby Mama Claiming He Sends Ksh 150 Child Support (Video)

Popular comedian DJ Shiti has come clean over the baby mama drama witnessed recently. His baby mama, identified as Fash Hussein, blasted the comedian over being a deadbeat father. Adding salt to the injury, she exposed Shiti for sending Ksh 150 for their daughter’s upkeep.

Sharing on her Instagram stories, she attached an M-Pesa message from October last year to back up her claims. The accusations were paramount and Shiti took a while before responding to the accusations.

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DJ Shiti Responds

Upon seeing numerous blogs exposing him through his baby mama, Shiti couldn’t eschew response. And he has done this through a song. The jester has collaborated with upcoming artist Sadii. Shiti went ahead to calibrate that sending Ksh 150 is peculiar and isn’t something he would do.

He also added that blogs and fans should listen to his side of the story; before making haste to judge him. Watch DJ Shiti’s full video below;

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