DK celebrates 29th birthday but Kenyans quickly turn it to another Herpes joke 

Kenyans apparently aren’t ready to forgive gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat after his sex scandal with HopeKid.

DK has just turned 29 years old and celebrated his birthday but Kenyans online turned the day into another mocking session just like they did when Hopekid–“Herpkid”– celebrated his birthday.

Kenyans were quick to wish him “a herpy” birthday after he took to social media to share that he has just turned a year older.


Ever since his sex scandal between him fellow artist Hope Kid and a 20 year old lady from Nakuru, life hasn’t been really easy for the singer.

He recently confessed that even NTV refused to air an episode of Bahati’s show because he made a cameo.

“In between these issues, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost deals, I’ve lost reputation but what keeps me moving is that I have not lost God. Huyo tu ndio amebaki,” he said.

Here’s how Kenyans wished him a happy birthday online:

Caroline Njanja Herpy birthday
Monicaah Ke happy birthday dk kwenye dick

Mwiitu Wa Kamba Let’s just agree on this, yes he sinned,so what?if your blood cannot wash away his sins shut up..!people sin differently, its only that he was brought to the lime light..happy birthday and good heath man….

Maingi Jnr Guys it’s a happy birthday … Stop this herpy thing Dk next time learn to apologise … Anyway herpy bd

Oliver Ndara Herpelicius birthday ????

Antonio Nyagah Happy birthday ,Wamlambez , wanyonyez 
Rose Nimoh Wishing you more herpy years to come ????

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