D*Kmatized! ‘Prezzo’s bedroom skills drive me crazy’ confesses Amber Lulu

Several women have publicly confessed that once rapper Prezzo gets you under the sheets, that’s all you will be thinking about because he’s a beast when it comes to beating the P.

Huddah Monroe started it all saying Prezzo gave her the best sex she’d ever imagined and if there’s one ex on her list she’d go back to, it would be definitely him.

Rapper Noti flow also made the confession saying that Prezzo’s game drove her crazy. She even nicknamed his pipe the ‘Devil’s D’.

In Love

Prezzo’s lover Amber Lulu has revealed that she’s so much in love with the rapper and is even thinking of settling down with him all thanks to his D game.

The Tanzanian socialite said that many people might have dated Prezzo but none has had a truer relationship with him like her.

“You can be with Prezzo, roll with him but you can never be the best more than me. Love is a connection, I understand him and he understands me. I’m not trying to taunt anyone, anyone can date Prezzo, but they can never reach the level of relationship Prezzo and I have,” she told Dizzim Online.

The video vixen also went on to confess of how she’s has been d**ckmatized by the Naleta action rapper in the interview.

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