DNA, watu sio wajinga! Stick to music content, not macro-economics

DNA is a titan within Kenya’s entertainment industry and the search whenever he talks about show business, we all pay attention to what he has to say because he’s speaking from a position of authority.

He has recently taken to podcasting and he’s doing a lot of men-centric content and for some reason ever since he started to go viral he has decided he can also give advice about politics and economics.

Legendary Singer DNA Reacts To The ‘Maandamano’ Protests

But what Bwana DNA seems to forget is that watu sio wajinga bwana! He recently gave his opinion on Monday Monday and said that the spiralling cost of living is due to inflation within the American market.

When the thing about this is that he is only half right. It is true that during the covid-19 lockdowns The U.S.A government began printing more money to give to its citizens as a cushioning. And that the effects of this are still being felt today that too is true.

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But what Bwana DNA doesn’t seem to account for is the fact that the Kenyan government has gone on a spending spree hiring more political appointees as a reward for their support, buying luxury cars for the three principles within government and treasury even recently unveiled plans to create a luxury gym.


There is also the fact that President Ruto has already shown an appetite for taxation which manufacturers and entrepreneurs pass forward to their clients and customers.

We are tired of DNA’s music comebacks

And this is just a drop in the ocean of why Kenya is in the situation we currently are in. So for DNA to come out and give a one-sided vapid opinion of what is happening is honestly just irritating. We get it he is not too happy about the fact that the mass action Raila Odinga called is affecting Kenyan businesses.


But for him to cheapen and simplify the reason behind Kenyans’ frustration at the current status quo and for him to talk down at the people who are putting their lives on the line to try and make Kenya a better place for all it’s not just pompous and irritating but downright disgusting.


To add salt to the wound he goes on to talk about the increased cost of energy which is also down to the fact that a lot of subsidies were removed as a term and condition for some of the IMF loans we took. Watu sio wajinga for you to come and talk down to us like we are not just as educated if not more about the current state of affairs and economics on a macro scale.

Bwana DNA stick to your area of expertise for when it comes to shoes you must allow the cobbler the space and opportunity to do his work.

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