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“Do you know how many women are struggling to have kids?” Andrew Kibe takes a swipe at celebrities pushing for Vasectomy

August 03, 2022 at 13:38
"Do you know how many women are struggling to have kids?" Andrew Kibe takes a swipe at celebrities pushing for Vasectomy

Andrew Kibe has always been one to speak out his mind about our local celebrities and for once – he seems to be looking out for the male gender now that Vasectomy is getting some unnecessary hype in the entertainment industry.

Well we have seen the likes of Nick Ndeda (the radio presenter) talk about it and even went ahead to get it for his girl – only to breakup with a few months later. Bien Aime has also talked about it and his reason for pushing Vasectomy is to help out his woman…more of like taking off the burden of having to worry about unplanned pregnancy.

Bahati a father of 5 also seems to be pushing for Vasectomy now that wife, Diana Bahati doesn’t want more kids. Mmh looking at this – its obvious to see there’s someone looking to open a Vasectomy clinic soon…and the only way to market it is by having a few celebrities talking about it.

Bien considering vasectomy

Kibe on it!

However problem is – they only talk about the positive and not the negative effects – hence forcing  Andrew Kibe to weigh in on this topic.

Speaking during one of his YT videos, the fella vowed not to ever take part in such nonsense. According to him, what these celebrities are not telling their followers is that Vasectomy reversal can be tricky.

Apparently about 75% of men have their vasectomy reversed within 3 years. Others have 55% chance after 3 to 8 years. And the most recorded number stands at 40% who get back to ‘normal’ after 9 to 14 years.

And with that information – Kibe feels these celebrities are pushing Vasectomy for selfish personal reasons; especially with the huge number of women crying and fasting to have kids of their own….yet a grown healthy man opts to interfere with his body because they can’t control their sex life.

To him, he would rather sacrifice having intimacy for years than have his bollz nipped –  because if God ended Onan’s life for  ejaculating and spilling his seed on the ground; think of what he would do to those having vasectomy?


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