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Does Karen Nyamu really stand a chance at being Nairobi Senator?

November 22, 2021 at 08:54
Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has revealed her intent to vie for the Nairobi Senatorial seat and I have to say that this has completely intrigued me because of who she is. That seat will be one of the best electoral positions to keep an eye on as it will definitely attract fireworks.

“I’ll fight your battles” Karen Nyamu pours out her heart while celebrating son’s 1st birthday

Why? Because she has been one of the most controversial Kenyan celebs for the past year; 2020/21 and she went all out in the manner in which she engaged her audience, choosing to let the entire world know that she was dating such and such personality and then fighting his wife publicly and sharing even more details about their relationship moving forward -that person is Samidoh by the way, I need that to be clear.

Karen Nyamu parades bump

And given the nature of politics (it’s dirty) she might well have given her opponents some prime ammo and she should be prepared for the salvos that will come her way. Or maybe Karen Nyamu has an ace up her sleeve? Or perhaps it is the deluded belief that because she has borne it all for the world to see, she has nothing that her opponents can attack. Who’s going to tell her?

Bump on parade! Politician Karen Nyamu spotted with grown baby bump at 4 months (Photos)

Because I guarantee you that politicians know how to stoop low and punch below the belt. Just because she has made her love life and the life of her child by Samidoh a circus and public affair does not mean it has been milked dry and trust me when I say that politicians will find a way to do exactly that.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

But at a certain point, people will have to do the deciding for themselves which would mean that a politicians jabs can only do so much… I guess you haven’t heard about the illusory truth effect. What I mean by that is that the damage will be devastating but I guarantee you that you will suffer the consequences of such attacks. But I will acquiesce that ultimately, it is up to the voters to decide.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu: how you start is how you end

Maybe she is under the assumption that because the smut and nonsense content surrounding Mike Sonko’s name did nothing to dissuade the voters, she is immune to her own scandals. Again I ask, who is going to tell her? Karen Nyamu is not going to receive the same sort of reception as he did and we could blame double standards for that.

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

But, there is a very interesting chance that she would win because people know her. After all, Kenyans are a peculiar lot and her having been on their social media feed, and the fact that she was constantly the subject of gossip -she will seem more familiar. Then again, a lot of Kenyan voters are female so they would not be seeking to reward Karen Nyamu for ruining Samidoh’s marriage or at least attempting to do so.

All in all, if she does decide to actually vie for office, the one guarantee is that it will make for an exciting election cycle.

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