Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

Gospel artist Size 8 was ordained as a pastor on Sunday 12 this month and wooed her fans in her transition journey. Years ago, no one thought she would end up being a pastor; and this is why criticism piled up on her journey to ordination.

Some like Andrew Kibe believe she is not worthy of being a pastor; bearing the fact that she is already somebody’s wife. The former Kiss FM radio presenter shared his sentiments through a video on his Instagram page;

”I was like, ala, which church is this? Then naangalia nasema, the circus is here. Tuko kwa wajinga sisi wote. Tuende tu all the way mpaka mwisho mpaka country ichomeke yote. Pia nyinyi hamko serious. What kind of female pastor tells men? It’s high time men wake up…”

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People Wrote Me Off-Size 8

On the flipside, Size 8 is not taking any of the shenanigans as she proved her haters wrong for disapproval. Emotional Size 8 expressed how much the ordination meant to her as she shared;

”Am overwhelmed by the doing of God thru Jesus Christ in me. ???????????????????????? When I got born again many wrote me off and said I won’t even last a week in salvation; 8 years later now see God… His grace saved me from the secular world of music thru Jesus Christ and His power thru His spirit changed me to who I am today… ”

Size 8’s ordination was grace by a couple of celebrities; who also congratulated her for the milestone.

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