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“Don’t be a she goat!” Kabi’s cousin takes a swipe at Milly wa Jesus

February 11, 2021 at 11:12
“Don’t be a she goat!” Kabi’s cousin takes a swipe at Milly wa Jesus

Kabi Wa Jesus has been having a tough time thanks to his cousin _dzendere who exposed for fathering a child with one of their cousins.

Kabi wa Jesus with daughter and baby mama

According to the _dzendere, Kabi wa Jesus aka Dihiro is not as holy as he tries to potray himself on social media. In fact, he may be in gospel business for selfish reasons; but away from that – dzendere was hoping he would use that money to help his 7 year old daughter.

Yes, Kabi has a daughter with a cousin he was involved with 7 years ago. But since he has always portrayed the holier than thou image; there was no way he could admit to having a child out of wed lock. In short, he chose the deadbeat way.

Dzendere to Milly Wa Jesus

With the story already out, Milly Wa Jesus continues to stand with her husband; knowing very well that he has been neglecting his daughter.

Kabi wa Jesus caught on camera during worship time

For this reason, Dzendere who is related to Kabi has taken it upon herself to address women dating men – with kids from previous relationships.

According to her, women should be smart enough to read through deadbeats – instead of defending them for neglecting their kids. Although it’s obvious to see the post was aimed at Milly Wa Jesus; dzendere did not hold back from writing;

Ladies if you are going to date a guy who has kids from previous relationships pls don’t be a she goat and witness that man being a deadbeat thinking fully committed to you. You are part of the problem.. and if you push him to take care of his child/children he refuses. You should question  whether he is the right man for you. This is how generational curses come about. YOU CANNOT FORGET OR SWEEP MATTERS UNDER THE RUG


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