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“Don’t ever use my name again, you don’t know my story,” Eric Omondi claps back at Ezekiel Mutua

November 26, 2020 at 10:31
“Don’t ever use my name again, you don’t know my story,” Eric Omondi claps back at Ezekiel Mutua

KFCB Boss, Dr Ezekiel Mutua has not spared entertainers in the local scene taking advantage of digital media to push content he believes is explicit for children, especially the kinds of Eric Omondi.

During his recent visit to Mombasa, the moral police boss through a local publication, publicly addressed the rot in the entertainment space.

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The board CEO expressed deep disappointment with the fact that content creators had now put aside the stipulated TV and radio watershed period regulations.

And have instead migrated to social media where they are now dishing out all sorts of unfiltered content.

KFCB CEO, Dr Ezekiel Mutua

The censure

Directly hitting at Eric Omondi;

“In fact some people like Eric, unashangaa huyu ni mwendawazimu gani, ana heshima gani? Anajionyesha kwa video kwa njia ambayo haifai na yeye ni mtu mzima. All in the name of ‘President of comedy in Africa’,” he publicly censured the comedian.

“King of comedy, respect yourself, respect the children and do some of those things but with a disclaimer of parental control. Our job is not to monitor what adults are doing,” he categorically stated.

An address by the ethic board chairman that has caused a buzz online, attracting the attention of an including Eric Omondi who has since responded.

Eric Omondi responds

The 43-year old funny man is clearly irritated by the words of the KFCB Boss, clapping back in a long statement, warning;

“DR. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the PRESIDENT of an entire Continent.”

Eric Omondi

Before calling out Dr Ezekiel for always lashing out at entertainers while there really is nothing he is offering them in return.

“Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts😡😡😡…I have never understood exactly what you do for a living. You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way.”

Categorically stating;

“Please Visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS. Don’t ever address me or use my name again. You don’t know my story!!! You don’t understand my process!!!”

Media ethics cop, Dr Ezekiel Mutua

A discussion that has since raised anxiety among the Kenyan public.


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