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Don’t Inbox Me To Ask For Help If You Don’t Support Me- Oga Obinna’s Message To Fans

April 08, 2021 at 12:56
Don't Inbox Me To Ask For Help If You Don't Support Me- Oga Obinna's Message To Fans

Local celebrities have recently helped many people to raise funds for various motives, most of which have been medical-related issues. The more followers a celebrity has, the better the chances of contributing good money. People are taking advantage of their social media platforms and inboxing them for help; some are genuine, some are not.  Before asking them for help, you should also have supported their brand by following them on social media, or liking their posts etc.

Support Me, I’ll Support You

Comedian Obinna insists that help should go both ways. If you want him to support you, do the same and support his brand. He has made it clear that he will not help anyone who doesn’t reciprocate the same. One of his fans asked him to help in raising funds to buy a standard professional camera for his business. But Obinna had other ideas. He slammed the fan and used the request as an example to the rest. He wrote,

”Before you ask me for any help… Kindly ask yourself.. (if you are on social media or not), Do I support his brand to make waves which translates to money in any-way no matter how small?? If the answer is NO trust me mine will be the same to your request. You don’t like my posts but you like my money??

It’s simple Math. Where do you expect me to make the money to give you yet you don’t support my brand which is my main income stream?”

This comes a day after the comedian was accused by a fan of speeding off after he stopped his car to ask for help. No judging but, support should definitely be mutual. Everyone is struggling during this tough time.



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