Don’t Judge Him- Sauti Sol’s Savara Defends Chimano Against Online H@te After Coming Out As A Member Of LGBTQ

The current generation is slowly incorporating members of the LGBTQI community and accepting that they also deserve equal treatment. However, not everyone is willing to clearly come out because of stigmatization. Members are also susceptible to online hate & criticisms.

Sauti Sol’s Chimano was not an exception when he came out as a member of the LGBTQI community. Even though it was in black & white from the past that he was a member, he just had to confirm it himself.

”So, I am just laying everything bare; from now on, hakuna kujificha jificha (there is no more hiding). Sexuality does not define you. It is just about me putting myself out there, my creativity and living my truth.

Figure out what your own happiness is most importantly with yourself. Gather your own life It is the first time I am expressing myself in a song. You really get to know who Chimano is and that is a heavy crown to carry. It is just a representation of the underground ballroom culture within the queer community‚Ķ which I am part of.”

Savara To The Rescue

After opening up about the same, Chimano wasn’t unassailable to online hate. He received all kinds of criticisms, with some questioning his decision.

Sauti Sol’s Savara has come in his defense, stating that he shouldn’t be judged for being gay. He stated this in a recent interview with Mwende & Clemo on Radio Maisha; and said that he’s in fact, happy for him.

”Imekuwa so long nikitaka kuona kaka yangu akikuwa free vile inafaa. Na nafurahi. Me ata nasema kuna mabadiliko ambayo yanafaa kufanyika katika society… Ata kuna hate zingine napata kutoka kwa mtandao…”

He added that no one has the right to judge Chimano;

”Wewe una right gani? Appreciate who you are. Let other people be. Ishi wewe tu kivyako. ”

Watch the full interview below;

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