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Don’t judge! Meet Vera Sidika’s assistant who dressing will definitely rattle homophobes (Photos)

September 04, 2018 at 10:52
Don't judge! Meet Vera Sidika's assistant who dressing will definitely rattle homophobes (Photos)

Vera Sidika recently introduced her assistant and some people even thought he was the replacement for her ex lover Otile Brown.

The socialite broke up with Otile after months of bliss. A heartbroken Vera took to social media to announce the breakup and also narrated how she was let down by the singer.

Vera seems to be tight with her assistant Victor Maina ever since Otile got out of the picture. But there is nothing going on between them, if Maina’s dressing is anything to go by.

Great fashionista?

Vera’s assistant is devoted to fashion but his dressing has made many people question his sexual orientation. He dresses like Joji Baro, take a look at the photos below:







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