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“Don’t start what you can’t finish” Mishi Dora warns Shakilla & Eric Omondi

August 02, 2022 at 17:06
"Don't start what you can't finish" Mishi Dora warns Shakilla & Eric Omondi

Shakilla is back to working with Eric Omondi momyhs after she blasted him for being poor in bed. Back then she not only confirmed to have bedded the 40 year old comedian but went on to regret the deed since….you know she didn’t enjoy it.

Must admit it was demeaning and kinda childish for the 20 year old to shame a man she once admired and was hoping would help mold her career.

Shakilla back with Divalicious

Anyway couple of months later and the two have a new skit where they both picked on Mishi Dora – with Shakilla referring to her a cockroach; right after Eric Omondi included the actress’ name among top socialites in the country (remember it was planned.)

Shakilla who was doing the talking hit out at Eric sarcastically asking;

 Stop mentioning her in this show. Who is Mishi Dorah?

A statement Eric Omondi tried to brush off by claiming Mishi Dora is one of his good friends saying;

 She is my longtime friend. Yaani Mishi Dorah ni Mende?

But Shakilla wouldn’t have none of that and went on saying;

She is everything bad, everything about her is bad.

And her reason for saying this is because she feels that the actress’ time in the entertainment industry is done.

She is gone, we left her, we are in the current, we are in the era of Amber Ray, Shakila and Divalicious, so let’s forget about her

Mishi responds

Having come across the clip shared widely online…the former socialite advised the two to focus on themselves; or else – they’d have to face her. Not her exact words but clearly this is what she meant when she wrote;

Don’t start what you cannot finish…remember you cannot teach an old cat how to dance

Mishi Dora’s post


Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves and ovens…they are like shadrach, Meshach and Abednego??? Be very careful with insects….its small but mighty…it can survive anything and anywhere.

And just like that…there’s new beef in town.


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