Don’t Try To Convince A Man- If He Knows Your Worth, He Will Stay-Kamene Goro

Most people have found themselves in a position trying to convince someone else to stay and try a relationship with them. Women find themselves in such a situation when they’re aging and realized that it’s late and they have no partner. Submitting to pressure from family, friends and social media leads to making haphazard decisions and not getting the right person to settle with. One might just end up convincing the other all the time to stay.

Kamene Goror-IG

However, media personality Kamene Goro claims that this should not be the case where they are coy find themselves in a position where they are convincing a man to stay with them, they should walk out of such a relationship. Her advice comes at a time when women are on the receiving end of gender-based violence. The cases of Eunice and Velvine had many netizens talking.

Nevertheless, Kamene adds that it takes a man two and a half minutes to know if the wants to be with you or not; so women shouldn’t take a whole year trying to convince them. Speaking at Kiss FM, the curvy radio presenter disclosed,

”He will only be with you when he has time for you… And when you ask him about taking your situation to the next level, he’s like, I’m still not sure… Any man who meets a woman, knows within the first two and a half minutes whether he’s going to be with you or not… You do not have to convince any man of your worth or value in his life. If you have to convince him, bounce…”

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