“Don’t use a man to forget another one, use 3 or 4” Noti Flow advises fans!

At this rate we can all agree that controversial rapper Noti Flow is one of a kind. She rarely filters what comes out of her mouth nor what she posts on her Instagram page.

The rapper a few days ago shocked fans after sharing a caption teaching them how to move on after a nasty breakup. Through her Instagram page Noti Flow was Keen to tell her fans the importance of juggling different men at the same time.

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Well, this comes shortly after she dumped Uncle Muss for Prezzo who later left her stranded for a Tanzanian socialite, Amber Lulu. Judging from how Noti Flow has been acting, we can all agree that Prezzo indeed hurt her feelings as she seems to have fallen hard for him.

However, after getting his way with her Prezzo walked out like nothing had happened leaving Noti Flow with mixed feelings.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu

What Prezzo did to Noti Flow may seem unfair from a lady’s point of view but this was not a surprise either. Prezzo has not managed to settle down for years now and this is something Noti Flow should have paid attention to. Anyway, hopefully the rapper will get over the fella since he seems smitten by Amber Lulu.

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