Dr Ofweneke: My most embarrassing moment was when I was called a wife batterer, I went home and I locked myself to cry

Comedian Sande Bush alias Dr Ofweneke and gospel singer Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen have been separated for two years now.

The drama that followed their breakup emotionally affected both of them. Ofweneke in particular had to reinvent his brand after he was painted in a negative light.

Their marriage hit rock bottom after Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah was unfaithful.

Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children
Dr Ofweneke and Nicah with their children

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Ofweneke revealed that he was deeply affected after he was called a wife batterer. The comedian says he had to cancel meetings with clients and rushed home to cry.

“The most embarrassing moment in my life was reading stories about me on social media that I was a wife batterer. It was the lowest in my life and I even cried. My brand was clean and I had never had controversy before. I had to cancel the meeting with a client, went home and I locked myself to cry,” said Ofweneke.

The comedian also revealed that he was currently in good terms with his ex wife, he argued that if he had indeed  battered Nicah they wouldn’t be even be friends.

“Nicah and I are the best of friends and we even enjoy ourselves. At times I miss her and regret if we did things different, we would have been far. If I was violent, we could not be friends like we are. I make sure I talk to my daughter every day because she has provided a good platform for me to raise them with her other daughter.”





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