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Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife steps out looking hotter than ever now that she is single (Photos)

November 19, 2020 at 15:48
Dr Ofweneke's ex wife steps out looking hotter than ever now that she is single (Photos)

Let no one ever lie to you that looks don’t matter cause they do! There’s nothing worse than ex downgrading after a break up; but Kenyan men are always thirsty for loaded women meaning looks doesn’t really matter to them.

Dr Ofweneke however found a beautiful woman after walking out on ex wife Nicah the Queen. Looking at both ladies, it’s clear to see that the comedian has taste; but of course his ex wife is more fashionable judging from the photos shared on her gram.

Just the other day Nicah left most of her male fans sending DM’s and lusting over her well curved figure; as she stepped out in blue biker shorts with a matching shirt. From the comments left by fans on the post; it’s no secret that Nicah’s body reminds many of a Bugatti or rather a Maserati thanks to it’s sleek view.

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Although some may say this fire outfit is provocative; truth is, she has nothing to loose but gain at the end of the end of the day especially with her wealthy followers.

Judging also from her latest posts it’s also clear to see that Nicah is aging gracefully and as the years go by her beauty continues to get refined. Below are the few photos shared by the lady as seen on her IG page.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

Ofweneke’s ex wife


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