Drama after Size 8 and DJ Mo embroiled in a fight at city hotel (Video)

Image: DJ Mo and Size 8

The drama in gospel celebrity couple, DJ Mo and Size 8s marriage, continues and only gets juicier by the day.

Days after throwing the father to her 2 children out of their matrimonial home, the two were spotted angrily throwing words at each other in broad daylight at a local city hotel.

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Over the weekend, during a casual outing, the two were having a one-on-one discussion before it turned into a heated argument that saw the singer nearly walk out on her husband.

DJ Mo and Size 8 in a heated argument

The war of words

An annoyed Size 8 reborn, quickly stood up, whipped her hair to the back, grabbed a bottle of drink but as she wanted to walk out of her conversation with her husband, he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

“…kenye unaniambia ata, sikai chini! Wachana na mimi!” Size 8 was heard shouting.

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

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In the process, the gospel disk jockey quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back to his seat and the rest was but history.

Whatever the couple was going through from the scene, clearly irritated Size 8 who could not stand her husbands presence or whatever conversation they were having.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

The short clip, captured by a local publication however could not give fine details or broadly explain what was going on but it was sure not a fun scene to watch. Have a look;


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